• Jamie, Nourish Founder

How to Help Kids Manage Big Emotions

Even if they can’t always express their emotions, kids absolutely feel stressed. Some kids carry this during certain times or their lives, others are stressed because of their environments and circumstances.

With today’s pandemic, kids’ stress levels are certainly on the rise. While kids typically feel anxiety due to school, friends, or their busy schedules (and may still), they might feel added stress from a disrupted routine, a lack of connection with others, and the weight of the unknown.

As parents, seeing our kids be stressed can make us feel helpless. We want them to feel at ease, but that’s not always easy, particularly when we don’t feel so ourselves. Luckily, there are many natural ways to calm your little ones both now and in the future.

Before diving into specific resources, tips and natural products, one thing to consider is your involvement in helping your kids with stress-relief techniques. A few things I’ve found really effective in my own parenting, include:

  1. Be present. When helping your child ease their stress, give them your full attention. Show them how much you care. This is time to put the phones down, listen, and simply be there for them.

  2. Be consistent. So many stress-relief techniques work even better when used consistently. Make it a part of their routine - these solutions provide comfort when used regularly.

  3. Check in. Stress relief is not a one and done. Continue to monitor your child for signs of stress, asking open-ended questions about their feelings, and continuing to let them express themselves.

Below is a list of my favorite ways to help kids manage their stress, including specific tips, resources, and Nourish Natural Products:


Breathing and yoga are some of my favorite things to help kids shift their energy. It’s so easy and so effective. Here are a few options to try out:

  • Finger Tracing Breathing - Slowly trace each finger. As you move up your finger, breathe in. As you move down your finger, breathe out.

  • Star Breathing - Follow your finger around a star shape. Breathe in, hold at the point, and breathe out.

  • Flower and Leaf Breathing - Breathe in, pretending you are smelling a flower. Then breathe out pretending you are blowing a leaf.

  • Yoga for Kids - Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great resource to help your young ones start a yoga practice.


As an adult, I see the benefits of meditating, and honestly, can’t imagine life without it. It’s no different for kids. These guided meditations will help them center, which will help their stress melt away:


At Nourish, one of our goals is to help bring peace through our products. This includes creating blends for children to increase a sense of calm and happiness.

Our sprays are meant to help empower your kids. Help them take action against fear and anxiety with our calming Monster Spray. Just a spritz in all the spooky spots makes your little one the big hero at nighttime. Our Unicorn Spray helps them refresh and boost energy. Sweet Dreams Spray gives them a ritual at night. Spray either on their bodies or in rooms around the house (the Monster Spray does wonders when sprayed under a bed or in a dark closet!).

The Essential Oil Roller Blends work wonders to support the mind and body. Apply the roller blends to bottoms of your kids’ feet. They can also be applied behind the ears, back of the neck, and over the heart.

No matter your kids’ need, we’ve got a solution:

No matter the technique, it’s all about being there for your kids at this time. At Nourish, we lead everything with kindness toward ourselves and others. Teach your kids to be kind to their bodies and minds from a young age and they will learn to help themselves throughout their lives.

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