This gentle foaming cleanser is suitable for most skin types. It effectively removes makeup, dirt, and grime, leaving your skin soft and supple.   


Infused with mild castile soap and organic lavender essential oil, this face wash helps safeguard skin against environmental aggressors while also calming irritated skin. This non-stripping, pH-balanced formula works to maintain skin’s natural acidity and reduce flare ups, never leaving skin feeling tight or dry.


Star Ingredients:

  • Mild Castile Soap
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil


Other Ingredients:

  • Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Distilled Water


Nourish Commitment

ALL of our products are free from: Aluminum, Parabens, Triclosan, Phthalates, Talc, Silica, PEGs, Steareths, TEA/DEA, and Synthetic Fragrances.



  • Dampen face and dispense 2 pumps of soap onto a wet washcloth.
  • Gently massage onto all areas of the face in a circular motion.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


We recommend using twice daily, morning and night.

Natural Lavender Face Wash