There's still one thing we CAN spread these days....happiness!


Can't stop-won't stop looking for creative ways to keep us connected and encouraged. That's why we're thrilled to share our newest product bundle....the Happy Gram!

Each Happy Gram includes...

  • One 2 oz Room Spray or Hand Sanitizer Spray ~ choose from 7 all-natural Room Sprays OR our in-demand Natural Hand Sanitizer
  • One Organic Lip Balm ~ pick from 5 lush, lip-smoothing blends
  • Custom Happy Gram Card ~ We'll add your "To-From" and even a hand-written note to cheer on the lucky recipient
  • Free Shipping


All for just $12 — seriously!


Great for:

  • BFFs of all ages
  • Kiddos who miss their school pals
  • Co-workers and WFH colleagues who may be feeling isolated
  • Extroverts. Introverts. Goodness! All our friends need a boost of connection these days
  • Seniors. We bet Nana and Gramps would love a Happy Gram! Just make sure they don't have to leave their safe space to get the delivery
  • Healthcare workers, teachers, pastors, counselors, small biz owners, first responders, law enforcement friends...all those hardworking folks working so hard during this time


Social platforms are swell ways to stay in touch. But imagine the joy of receiving a special treat in the mail showing that you care...that's the power of the Happy Gram. Our intentions and kind gestures can nourish one another just as much as our natural products.

Happy Gram Gift Set

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