A collection of summer essentials to keep you protected and pampered all season long!


Although this summer will likely look different than most, opportunities for outdoor fun have not been canceled! We've put together some special bundles that will have you enjoying all the joy this treasured season has to offer.


The Great Outdoors Bundle includes:

  • One 4 oz Cooling Body Spray - July is forecasted to be hotter than usual. Naturally cool down your body with this soothing combo of aloe vera, peppermint, and lavender
  • One 4 oz Natural Bug Spray - Bugs don't care, they'll bite anywhere! Protect yourself with this non-toxic, DEET-free formula
  • One Organic Lip Balm - Pick from 5 delicious blends
  • One 2 oz Natural Hand Sanitizer - When handwashing isn't an option, this moisturizing spray helps fight germs
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A $50 value, yours for only $35!


The Adventurer Bundle includes:

  • Everything in the Great Outdoors Bundle (Bug Spray, Cooling Spray, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer), PLUS...
  • Sore Muscle Relief Roller Blend - Soothe achy joints, bumps, and bruises
  • Natural Deodorant - Good for the entire family, including growing boys and girls
  • Free Shipping


An $85 value, yours for only $60!


The Tropic Like Its Hot Bundle includes:

  • One 4 oz Cooling Body Spray
  • One 4 oz Bug Spray
  • One 4 oz Body Spray Lotion - Our botanical spray is ultra-hydrating without being greasy. Great for preventing razor burn, too!
  • One 4 oz Rosemary Mint Texture Spray - Tousled, beachy mermaid waves will be yours with this texturizing salt spray!
  • One Organic Lip Balm
  • Free Shipping


An $85 value, yours for only $60!


Happy Summer!

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